• As your lawyer...

    ...You need to talk to us first! Why?
    Because we are not money-sucking sharks!

    We are a professional team of competent caring attorneys providing affordable
    and accessible legal counsel to you, your family and your business, period!
    We do Holistic Lawyering focusing on building trusting long term relationships while resolving your immediate challenges.

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  • Wellbeing matters...


    Legal matters are stressful enough without worrying about your representation. Whether you are pursuing a business dream, defending a cause or protecting your loved ones we offer compassionate counsel. We listen, we educate, we guide, and most importantly, we care. Building long standing relationships with you and your loved ones are our priority. Our team seeks to earn your trust, one matter at a time.

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  • As your advocate...


    As the sharks circle, we are your advocates. You are not alone facing your accusers, executing your business plans and defending your rights. Faith-driven wisdom, practical knowledge and worldly experience provide our team the confidence to serve you as an effective counselor through your legal trials and tribulations.

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  • We balance the scales...


    Through compassion and advocacy we balance the scales of justice in your favor. We focus on the big picture, not only the transaction. Whether you are in a business deal, trying to save your home or facing criminal charges, we negotiate first, mediate if necessary, and employ costly litigation only as a last resort. The outcome: a client centered, affordable and results oriented law practice.

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  • Raymond In Action

    The 'Good News' Telecare talks with Raymond Lang

    Ray talks about how his probono legal work is grounded in his faith and how his mission has evolved into helping and caring for those who have a need for saving their homes or their jobs. His goal in guidance for those who may be going through these trials is to inspire hope and positive energy into their lives.

“Do you want a Shark or Dolphin?”

People retain counsel typically during times of extreme need or stress. Lawyers know that.

During your most vulnerable time, are they Sharks or Dolphins?


Sharks are BadSome people like Sharks. They focus on the “kill.” An attorney will do whatever it takes to win, but the collateral damage to you can be high and costly, both emotionally and financially. Are they truly in it for you and more importantly, how do you know? Or is their interest in the deal and their pocket? Sorry to say, but true.

As in nature, there is a place for Sharks, but are they right for you? As with every situation we face in life, there is cause and effect. Consequences of decisions need to be carefully weighed for the short and long term. And some decisions you make need strong guidance and clear thinking. Do your actions create the best for all concerned? How will it affect you six months or a year from now?


Dolphins are GoodDolphins observe, understand, learn and react based on each unique situation, but they know when to be aggressive when needed. They are guided as a team (a pod) and combine knowledge and experience to protect the individual, the family and bring peace to their surroundings.

The Compassionate Attorney

The compassionate attorney is driven by a higher sense of purpose, a spiritual calling that focuses on a different level of perception in an egoless manner to help you get through life’s challenges in a meaningful way. They provide guidance by bringing the resources needed to help you, which may go beyond just legal counsel. Turning a negative situation into a positive outcome you can live with and grow on.

You are NOT Here by Coincidence...

It's part of a greater plan
and purpose for you.


We are here to listen and help.

(By the way, not like the sharks,
the consultation is FREE!)

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