Corporate Counsel

icon_dove_60pxWe specialize in helping you set up your business, manage corporate governance and conduct business operations.
As your general counsel we offer an effective, flexible and cost efficient way to manage your business legal affairs.


Establishing and Growing Your Organization

icon_heart_60pxWhen starting your business, we help you address such matters as:

• Implementing the best business structure such as a “sole proprietor”, “C” corporation, “S” corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC);

• Preparing appropriate resolutions, operating agreements and bylaws;

• Advising on shareholder and debt matters;

• Assisting in complying with federal and state regulations;

• Meeting state licensing requirements;

• Obtaining applicable local permits and certifications;

• Filing for resale licenses or “Doing Business As” (DBA) authorities; and

• Development and review of business plans.


Corporate Governance

icon_scales_60pxWhen managing the governance of your business we advise you with regard to Sarbanes–Oxley compliance.
This may include ensuring proper conduct of board meetings, forms of resolution and shareholder documentation.


Conduct Business Operations

icon_dove_60pxWhen operating your business we provide contract review, guidance on employment matters and preparation of applicable
employee and regulatory compliance manuals. We may assist management in financing and business development activities
including development of investment documentation as well as review of business plans.