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As your lawyer…

Raymond Lang founded the law firm in the midst of an economic crisis because he saw the need for lawyers who are driven to help people through the recovery process.

The Compassionate Attorney is the basic principle in the firm’s mission. Ray has coached and is sought by many attorneys and legal officials in changing how the profession is perceived by learning his unique methods centered on the values shift, giving service to others, and balancing affordable and fair compensation for services provided.

“The legal profession is extremely competitive and specialized, making it difficult to find caring attorneys who will provide personal service for specific needs and general advice.” The firm cuts through the “noise” and focuses on the person, first and foremost, then builds the strategic plan for the best outcome for each situation.

As a team based organization, we closely match the needs of the person with expertise, both inside and outside the legal profession. It is known as the Mastermind Principle, whereby we work together to find the best solution for the person.

If you have read this far, you are not here by coincidence. It’s part of a greater plan and purpose for you.


Team Leaders




Ray Lang

In addition to the law practice, Ray founded Economic Recovery Advisors LLC, to advise governmental agencies and business enterprises to meet the challenges faced in the economic crisis. Through these firms, he has advised on foreclosure legislation at the national and state levels and been an active participant in the SCBA’s Pro Bono Real Property Foreclosure Settlement Conference Project.

Ray’s career includes positions as Chief Executive Officer and President of a publicly traded internet company, Chief Operating Officer of an asset management firm, and Chief Compliance Officer to various Wall Street firms. He has worked as an investment banker originating over a half a billion dollars in financing life science, energy and real estate companies and corporate counsel to major financial institutions specializing in securities law and derivatives. Ray received a Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) degree from Fordham University and a Juris Doctorate degree from New York Law School. He has been admitted to practice law in New York since 1986.




Deborah Gehr

Deborah Gehr has a masterful balance of experience between the legal and business environments with the ability to find solutions to challenges other people do not readily see.

As a compassionate attorney, Deb takes a holistic approach in getting to know you and not just your immediate needs. Through deeper understanding, she brings the right resources that will help you achieve the best outcome for your situation for both your short and long term wellbeing.

With extensive courtroom experience in the supreme, family and district court trial parts as a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society, she became very adept at handling “sharks” while taking on the dolphin finesse to solve the most difficult of cases in the best interest for all concerned. From mediation and settlement to handling complex legal matters at different law firms, she found her mission focus in helping others here.

Deb also has a broad business background, from operations and business services to, to product and technical project management including large technology and telecom organizations. She has “lived through” the many experiences that growth businesses face and knows how to help business go and grow. Combined with her legal experience, she is a great team asset for any business opportunity.

She truly believes in building enduring relationships by networking people helping people in service to others.